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Dad Catches Santa Smoking an E-Cigarette

Posted by ECigaVapeUSA on 12/3/2014 to E-Cigarette Industry
A WHITSTABLE dad was left speechless after his six-year-old daughter spotted Father Christmas with an e-cigarette in his hand.

Phil Beacock, of Seeshill Close, collected his daughter Phoenix from St Alphege School last week before they took their usual route past the Vaparettes shop in Oxford Street.

The shop, which sells e-cigarettes and e-liquids, is well and truly getting into the festive spirit and has put a life-size Father Christmas in its front window.

But, it looks like this Santa is trying to quit his bad habit as he has an e-cigarette in his hand.

Mr Beacock, 44, said: “My daughter is Christmas-mad at the moment, now that we are in the run-up to Christmas, so when she saw Father Christmas in the shop's window she was really excited.

“But then she clocked an e-cigarette in Father Christmas’ hand and got really upset that Santa was being naughty.

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