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Are E-Cigarettes Really Safer Than Regular Cigarettes?

Posted by ECigaVapeUSA on 9/19/2014 to E-Cigarette News
The use of e-cigarettes in the UK has tripled since 2012 and it’s now estimated that 2.1 million people use these electronic devices. An article on the BBC website states that 71% of e-cigarette users are doing so to help them give up smoking and 37% are using them to save money.

The Benefits

Many smokers are now starting to use the electronic cigarette as a substitute for the regular variety. If you visit the Phoenix eliquid website you will see that the potential for helping people give up smoking by reducing the nicotine content of the device may make life easier when trying to stop. These devices don’t always contain nicotine and can just be used as a relaxation aid. One of the main benefits of using the nicotine-based variety is that they don’t contain the carcinogenic properties of standard cigarettes.

The EL Science website is a useful source of further information on electronic cigarettes and the effects they can have on a user’s health.

The Origins of Vaping

There have been many studies carried out since the arrival of the e-cigarette in the early 2000s. These tobacco substitutes originated with a Chinese pharmacist, Hon Li, who carried out research into the cessation of tobacco cigarette smoking. Herbert A Gilbert took out the first e-cigarette patent in 1963, but it’s only as a result of numerous health studies highlighting the dangers of cigarette smoking that vaping has become more popular.

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