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Studies: E-Cigarette Regulations Hinder Public Health Goals

Posted by ECigaVapeUSA on 9/29/2014 to E-Cigarette News
Despite various legislative efforts to curb smoking — ranging from higher sin taxes on tobacco to public-relations campaigns intended to discourage the use of e-cigarettes — smoking rates have consistently risen in New York City.

Tobacco use in the city’s population has steadily crept upward in the city for three straight years, increasing from 14 percent in 2010 to 16.1 percent in 2013. City officials are quick to cite a decrease in funding for anti-smoking programs as a root cause, but public policy researchers disagree with bureaucrats’ diagnosis.

Drunken Sailors

The lack of correlation between spending on anti-tobacco programs and results is not due to a lack of effort, according to National Center for Public Policy Research Senior Fellow Jeff Stier.

Some of the government programs cited as part of the city’s all-out efforts to discourage tobacco use include significant restrictions on the placement of tobacco displays, free nicotine gum and patch giveaways, and some of the highest sin-tax rates in the nation.

“New York City spends like a drunken sailor on anti-smoking ads,” Stier quipped.

Although officials claim that rising tobacco-use rates are caused by insufficient government spending, an analysis of available spending data does not support this hypothesis.

For example, New York state government significantly decreased its spending on tobacco control programs significantly in 2009, yet tobacco usage rates in New York City promptly fell to record lows.

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